If you are one of those people who still keeps measuring how many kilos you have lost during the last week, you should know that there are scales that offer you much more information. For example the Tanita scale. This brand has been on the market for years and supplies to many medical centers and professionals worldwide.

What is the most striking about this brand is its accuracy and speed. In only 20 seconds you can have a complete summary of the condition of your body. With the smart body analysis scale, in addition to your weight you can measure your fat level, your muscle condition, your water level, the size of your bones, etc. Some scales will even tell you how old your body is according to its physical condition.

Keeping track of everything with a mobile app

Anyone who is on a diet regimen or exercise routine knows that they need to keep a daily log of the changes their body is  going through. This is an easy way to see which parts have improved and which need attention. With a Tanita scale you can automatically keep track of this matter on your cell phone.

The scale connects to your cell phone and keeps a daily record of all the information the scale records. At the end of the week you can see the evolution of your body through simple graphs. A smart body analysis scale is an indispensable tool that cannot be missing in your home. The best part is that it is very affordable and can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer’s website.

How does the smart body analysis scale work?

You’re probably curious and wondering how a scale can know all this information about your body. If you have ever felt electricity you know that the human body conducts electricity. The Tanita scale takes advantage of this conductivity to send an imperceptible current through the body. This current goes out through the hands and is received through the feet.

The scale’s computer processes the way this current returns and provides the information you need. The smart body analysis scale is completely safe and causes no side effects of any kind. Just go to the manufacturer’s website to see all the options they have to offer.