Bankruptcy may seem the best option when you are in an extreme financial crisis and unable to pay back to all your creditors. Filing a bankruptcy case can ease the burden of paying loans, paying back to creditors, and eliminating large debts, but is it the right option for you?

Bankruptcy also brings various consequences along, one being ruining your credit score. An attorney can guide you on all the possibilities, outcomes, and consequences of your case.

However, before you file your bankruptcy case, here are a few checkpoints to understand. 

  • Understand what exactly bankruptcy is: 

Bankruptcy is usually divided into two categories -chapters 7 and 13. It is vital to have more profound knowledge about both and understanding which suits you the best. For this, a bankruptcy attorney in Hagerstown can assist you with their prior experience and law knowledge. 

  • Is there any other alternative?

Talk to your attorney and discuss any possible alternative that can help you get rid of all the financial debts. Depending on your case, the attorney will help you determine your available options. 

  • Understand all the pros and cons: 

Taking a quick decision can cause lifelong problems. Once you declare bankruptcy, it is irreversible. It is essential to understand the consequences it may create for you, your family, your business, your house, and other details. Bankruptcy should only be considered when your income level goes zero and the financial burden threatens you. Talk to an attorney and discuss all the perks and downsides. Take your time in understanding each con perfectly and then come to a decision. 

  • Understanding the impact of bankruptcy on your home, car, or other assets: 

Depending on your case, you may lose your home. If you have significant equity in your house, you may lose everything after filing bankruptcy. Additionally, in chapter 7, you may lose your car under some circumstances. 

  • Check eligibility: 

If you have decided to file a bankruptcy case, check out if you are eligible or not. As mentioned earlier, bankruptcy has two categories. Check the eligibility criteria for both cases. You can either decide to research it online about each or talk to a knowledgeable attorney.

Choose the best bankruptcy attorney: 

After all the points are taken into consideration, you can look out for a bankruptcy attorney. However, it is suggested that you look out for an attorney before filing your case. This will help you get all the right information and ensure that you don’t make any wrong moves. Lastly, your attorney will be the best move, so pick wisely and decide.