You could say that Bourjois lipstick is one of the lipsticks that you must try. Because Bourjois is famous for its beautiful and natural colors. It’s not wrong if Bourjois is one of the makeup recommendations to have. Moreover, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick collection is very beautiful when applied to your lips. The velvet finish of this lipstick gives a matte color but stays moist on the lips. This velvet finish can also be your choice if you don’t want to feel very dry when wearing matte lipstick.

5 Reasons Why BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet is a Must Have

Rouge Edition Velvet has a wet and thick texture when first applied to the lips, but a few seconds later it will transform into a matte finish with a soft, light texture, and looks glamorous and sexy. Well, here are some other reasons why you should have a collection of lipsticks available in these 25 color options!

1. Unique Sensor Quality

The soft texture that brushes the lips which then turns into a matte texture but doesn’t dry out the lips, actually makes the lips feel so comfortable as if they are not wearing lipstick. The sensor quality of the Rouge Edition Velvet is what finds softness like “the second skin”, of all matte textures, of course, velvet matte is the most comfortable and charming.

2. Matte Yet Still Incredibly Light

Maintaining moisture on the lips is the main focus of lipsticks from Bourjois. True, the matte texture does look really pretty, but not if it’s going to dry out your lips in a few hours! To that end, Rouge Edition Velvet is enriched with pure and evanescent pigments, a formula that keeps it light and provides extra comfort for long-lasting lipstick.

3. Beauty Without Stress!

To make life easier, the applicator on this lipstick has a reservoir and a beveled tip to make it easier for you to apply lipstick. Rogue Edition Velvet can be worn for all occasions; With a variety of color choices and buildable coverage, you will automatically look perfect!

4. Durable? Well, of course!

Rouge Edition Velvet is indeed used for everyday use, for those of you who love matte lipstick. With a 24-hour staying power, the lipstick won’t leave your lips, so there are no dry lines or fading of the lipstick. What a steal!

5. Enhanced Color

This velvet-like soft effect is accompanied by bright colors of pure pigment: vibrant and distinctive! As a color expert, Borjouis understands that a matte finish will give a bold color and the result? Definitely, the color you want for this season to make a statement!

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