A charge of driving under the influence can often be a stepping stone used by prosecutors to make a felony into a conviction by adding more charges to the mix. In such an event, the individual with the DUI charge may either represent themselves or hire an attorney to advocate for them on their behalf.

A criminal defense lawyer can help the convicted get the best deal in the given circumstance. Here’s how a lawyer can help out in such situations:

  1. Defending Against The Said Charge(s): The primary task is to help the convicted by either dismissing the charges outright or gaining the best possible plea deal. For this, the lawyer will use their best viable defense strategy to help convince the court to acquit their client of the said charges.
  2. Trial: If the case gets pushed up to trial, it is very tricky to go through it if at all the convicted want to represent themself in court, and in such a case hiring a defense attorney is your best bet to get acquitted.
  3. Type of Crime: When additional charges are compiled along with the DUI, it is highly advisable to acquire an attorney as the charges lead to a felony. If there is any damage or loss to life or property and the case goes to trial, a proper advocate is the best way to fight out of the situation.
  4. Other Factors: In the likelihood of a DUI misdemeanor being raised to a felony, navigating through charges like reckless driving, manslaughter, or endangerment of a minor would need the expertise and opinion of a lawyer.
  5. Avoiding Permanent Criminal Record: The charge of a DUI can go on one’s professional record, which lasts for up to six years, whereby applying for future employment can be difficult. In such cases, if arrested for a DUI, hiring a DUI lawyer is your best chance of getting through it.
  6. Avoiding Loss of Driving License: The police and law enforcement professionals are likely to cancel the driver’s license in the event of a DUI. an experienced DUI lawyer can help avoid the loss of the license by using all the evidence in court fit and play in favor of the convicted.

You can search for the best attorney in your locality either by doing online research or by asking for friends and family references.