There is so much beauty in the old and imperfect that a room filled with vintage radiates some passionate vibes. Those worn out and faded, frayed and tattered, you get so much character and charm. The good thing with interior décor, trends come, merge, evolve and others simply disappear. The truth is that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And your junk can be someone’s treasure. Today, we’ll share some tips on how to add some vintage pieces to your space. A simple vintage wallpaper, chandelier, or a piece of refurbished furniture can make a whole lot of difference in your home.

Start small

If you’re a first-time vintage decorator, start small. Head out to a local thrift or antique store and get one or two pieces that you love. See how the small pieces give character to your home and think of something else. You can also start with some apothecary jars and use them as décor on your console or coffee table. They come in hand for storing gems, bookends, knickknacks, or flower vases. A simple addition can make all the difference.

Be bold

Vintage is all about forgetting the rules of traditional home décor. It’s different because you won’t find what you need in Target. Be ready to experiment with unusual, unexpected, and unique. Don’t chicken out from mixing things up and straying from the norm. Look at décor differently and you’ll find your retro magic.

Mix neutral colors with vintage

Neutral and calming colors have a way of blending in with vintage décor and furniture. Colors bring energy into our spaces. Think about it, red and other dark colors appear busy and more energetic than cream tones and gray. If you want something calming and soothing to the eyes try soft and neutral colors. Let the vintage colorful pieces make a statement and stand out.

Call your grandma or mum

Ask how they’re doing first before asking for any pieces they have sitting around for you to borrow. You’ll be surprised at the number of things you can collect from your family members. They make the best kind of vintage as they also have a personal meaning or story to you.

Use old books

If you’re going vintage without some old books you’re simply not living. They’re a huge part f vintage décor. You can stack them up, put them in a cheese box, wrap them in burlap or twine, or use white lace ribbons. Basically, you can never go wrong with old books.